Child Custody And Support

Putting The Children First In Child Custody And Child Support Matters

When it comes to legal issues that involve your children, finding a compassionate, understanding and dedicated attorney to be on your side is of the utmost importance. As an experienced family law and divorce attorney, Laura Hutto de Mander is committed to helping her clients understand their rights in child custody and child support cases, whether they are going through a divorce or have never been married.

Ms. Hutto de Mander is a sole practitioner exclusively handling family law matters. This means that when you reach out to her regarding the custody and support issues you are facing, you will speak directly with her. She takes the time to educate clients in order to help them make informed decisions.

Child Custody In Texas

Unlike other states, Texas does not actually refer to child custody as “child custody.” Though custody is the most widely used and understood term, Texas calls it “conservatorship.” Most custody arrangements are ones of a joint managing conservatorship (JMC). This is like joint custody, with parents sharing the decision-making abilities and the duties. However, this does not mean that time is split 50-50 between the parents. The other type of custody is called sole managing conservatorship (SMC), where one parent has all the decision-making rights to the child. The type of conservatorship that is right for your child and you can be discussed with Ms. Hutto de Mander.

Texas Child Support Guidelines

Both parents need to contribute to the financial support of their child or children. This means that the parent who does not have primary custody will be obligated to pay a regular amount based on his or her average net monthly income. The state-set guidelines in Texas utilize a formula that calculates what percentage of the noncustodial parent’s income will need to be paid as support. For example, if the parent has one child, monthly child support will equal 20% of the monthly net income; two children, 25%, etc. Ms. Hutto de Mander can help you further understand your child support obligations as well as any factors the court may take into account when determining a support order.

Modifications And Enforcement

It is essential that both modifications and enforcements go through the courts to ensure everything is done legally and with the court’s permission. Anything done outside the orders, even if both parties agree, can put one or the other at risk of being held in contempt, which could involve consequences.

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