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No one gets married with the intention that they will divorce. However, in today’s society, a large portion of marriages do end in divorce. If you find yourself facing the breakdown of your marriage and are considering divorce or have already filed, get the help you need from an attorney you can trust.

Providing comprehensive representation to individuals and families in Arlington, Tarrant County and the surrounding areas, attorney Laura Hutto de Mander is an exceptional ally in all aspects of divorce and family law matters. She has a multifaceted understanding of complex divorces as well as insight into the laws that apply to Texas family law cases, a combination that benefits her clients from the very start of their divorce cases.

Issues Often Encountered During Divorce

  • Property division: It is important to know that Texas is a community property state. This typically means that any property and assets that were obtained after the marital date are eligible to be split 50-50 between the parties. However, Texas courts vary from other community property state courts, as Texas judges are to consider what is fair and ethical when dividing property. This often results in an asset split that is not exactly 50-50 but is equitable between the parties, based on the judge’s analysis of the situation and consideration of other factors, such as age or health of the parties, differing income-earning capacities and child-raising responsibilities.
  • Spousal maintenance: Though not every divorce case involves spousal maintenance, many do. Also sometimes referred to as alimony or spousal support, spousal maintenance is money paid from one spouse to the other in order to support him or her during the divorce process and after. There is a cap, dependent on each individual divorce case, in spousal maintenance, and the requesting spouse must show that he or she cannot afford to meet basic needs on their own without help from the other party.
  • Children’s issues: In addition to the above aspects, child support and child custody are often matters that need addressing in the course of a divorce. Ms. Hutto de Mander handles divorces involving children very delicately, keeping the focus on the best interests of the children at all times.

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